Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Slotland Affiliates Program?

We offer all affiliates the chance to profit from their website’s traffic by promoting our three successful, global brands. Join our ranks to start maximizing your revenue potential with a share of referred player profits (i.e. commission). We make it easy for you with banners, tracking links, custom landing pages, exclusive bonuses, and more. Slotland and Winaday have been in the top tier of casinos for players in the US and beyond for over a decade, and the same team has now created CryptoSlots to offer online players cryptocurrency opportunities found nowhere else online.

What products can I promote through the Slotland Affiliates Program?

You can promote the following online casinos through the Slotland Affiliates Program:

How can I register with the Slotland Affiliates Program?

Registration is free and easy. Click on the register now button at the top of this page and follow the easy steps. You will only need to fill in a simple form. Then all you need to do is log in to get started.

Can I refer other affiliates?

Yes, the Slotland Affiliates Program has a 2-tier commission structure. Therefore, if you refer a new affiliate, you will receive a commission up to 20% of this affiliate's earnings.

Money Matters

How can I find out how much commission I have earned?

Log in to your account and the first thing you will see is a summary of your current performance and the overall commission you have earned in the current month. You can also keep track of your commissions under the Report section in your account.

How often do you pay my commissions?

Commissions are paid once a month. We process your payments on the first business day of every month for your previous month's productivity. The date you receive your commission will depend on your selected payment method, please note that we recommend choosing cryptocurrencies for fast, secure payments. Commissions of less than $50 shall be carried forward to the next month, until earnings have reached at least $50. You can set a higher limit if you prefer to do so, simply log in to your account and go to your account settings. This limit may be higher for certain payment methods as outlined in this table:

Method Minimum payment Processing Time
Bitcoin $50 instant
Litecoin $50 instant
Check/Fedex (US only) $100 up to 10 business days
Casino account $50 instant
How is my commission calculated?

Calculating commissions at Slotland Affiliates is easy and fair.

NET REVENUE SHARE is calculated by taking the total combined deposit amount made by your players and subtracting a 15% transaction fee (including chargebacks) and any withdrawal payments made to your players. Although it may sound complicated you can easily see all details in your reports. Affiliates earn a minimum of 22% and there is no negative carryover between months.

Monthly Deposits of Players You Referred 1st-Tier Net Revenue Share Level
$0 - $6,500 22% Bronze
$6,501 - $15,000 29% Silver
$15,001 - $30,500 36% Gold
$30,5001 - $50,000 43% Platinum
$50,001 + 50% Diamond

If you are interested in increasing your current commission rate, send an email to and provide us with your affiliate id. Our Marketing Department will review your account and get back to you as soon as possible. Generally your 1st tier commission is increased according to the above tables.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn promoting your casinos?

Affiliates are solely responsible for making any required reports of earnings to their local jurisdiction for the purpose of taxation. Slotland Affiliates is not responsible and is not required to make any reports of your earnings for the purpose of taxation.

How are commissions paid?

Commission payments are processed on the first business day of every month. Commissions less than the minimum payment amount shall be carried forward to the next month, until earnings have reached the minimum amount you have set or is specific for your preferred payment method. Your commissions are always processed free of charge.

By default, commissions are paid in the form of a cashier's check. If you prefer a different payment option, simply set your chosen alternative as your default method after you log in to your account. Alternatively, your commission can be transferred to a Casino Account at Slotland or Win A Day Casino.

Method Minimum payment Processing Time
Bitcoin $50 instant
Litecoin $50 instant
Check/Fedex (US only) $100 up to 10 business days
Casino account $50 instant
What are the advantages of receiving commission in cryptocurrency (BTC/LTC/XMR)?

★ 100% payment success rate
★ Faster payments
★ More anonymity & security

At Slotland Affiliates, we always process your commission on the first business day of the month. Yet with some payment methods your money does not reach your account for days, or even weeks. We want you to get your hard-earned cash as soon as possible and as securely as possible. Using cryptocurrencies requires no middle man, so no lengthy processing and no compromising of your personal details. Your payments are private and anonymous.

How is the cryptocurrency exchange rate calculated?

We calculate your monthly commission using the CoinMarketCap exchange rate correct on the last day of the month, regardless of whether this date falls on a weekend or is a public holiday. To check the daily rate for Bitcoin, for example, please refer to the 'close' column at CoinMarketCap.

Do I need to update my cryptocurrency (BTC/LTC/XMR) address often?

Due to security reasons, the best option is to use one crypto address per each affiliate program. If possible, generate a new cryptocurrency address for each payment per month, or even better each payment per program.

What if something goes wrong?

We ask you to double check details at every stage – especially making sure that you select BTC/LTC/XMR as an option and copy your crypto address correctly. If there is an error, your payment will likely not make it to you.

To avoid having your funds lost to cyberspace, contact us if you need help along the way! We understand it can be tricky, especially the first time, and are here to help.


How does it work and what should I add on my website?

First of all you have to register. Then log in to your account, create a new campaign and your unique tracking URL will be generated for you. Place your link as a text link or a banner on your website and wait for your commission check! Of course, the more you promote your website and the more players you send to us, the higher your commission will be! Please get in touch with us if you need extra marketing material for your unique landing page.

I own more than one website. Do I have to register more accounts at Slotland Affiliates in order to keep track of their individual performances?

This is not necessary. You can create many campaigns under one Slotland Affiliates account and monitor detailed statistics for each individual campaign separately.

How is my unique URL constructed?

The unique URL consists of four parts. For example:

  1. is a link to the casino's main page.
  2. /?p=12345 identifies your account.
  3. _1 is the Campaign ID.
  4. _3 is the specification of a link and is used to track the link’s performance.
I have been using unique URL without the Campaign ID and banner specification. Is that OK?

Yes, it is OK. All traffic coming from your unique link will be counted under your Default campaign, that has ID 1.

Where can my banners be located?

When placing banners on your website, you can select from two locations for saving them. Banners can be saved on our server (Banners hosted on our server) or on your server (Banners you must host).

  • Banners hosted on our server – if you select this option, you will be able to monitor the banner’s performance directly in your account with no need to download the banners. The number of clicks (hits), registrations and commission earned through this particular banner will be displayed.
  • Banners you must host – if you select this option, only the number of clicks (hits) will be displayed. On the other hand, you can use your own tools on your server to monitor the banner’s performance. You have to download the banners and put them to your server.
Is it possible to track the performance of an individual link?

Yes, you can track number of clicks (hits), registrations and commission earned for each particular link directly through your account at Slotland Affiliates.

Can I use one campaign for all of your casinos?

Yes, you can. Or you can set up a separate campaign for each casino you wish to promote.

Is it possible to link a specific webpage on the casino?

For Slotland promotions, you can send traffic directly to any page you need. For example: will bring visitors directly to Golden8 slot machine.

When the URL already include ? as for example registration URL: use & instead of ? in your tracking link. The final link will look like this:

Do you have a page where the jackpots are updated for Slotland and Win A Day Casino?

Yes, we have an update-to-date jackpot page for each casino. You can find Slotland's jackpot here: and Win A Day's jackpot here: You can use these pages for making a customized ticker for both casinos.

How long is the cookie duration for referred players?

We employ a 30 day cookie duration across all brands. This means that any player who returns to the site within 30 days, after being linked through your site, and signs up will be tagged as yours.

Is a player tagged to the first or last referrer?

At Slotland Affiliates the last referrer takes precedence. In other words, the affiliate who most recently referred the player to the brand in question will receive the commission.

Mobile Games

How can I promote mobile games at Slotland, Win A Day and CryptoSlots?
  • Via all online channels
    • Use your unique tracking link: or
    • Educate players on your websites: inform them of the option to play on their mobile devices.
    • Newsletters to your mailing list promoting mobile games and banners promoting mobile games available from our Creatives section.
    • If you require any promotional material that we don't yet offer, don't hesitate to contact us.
    • We provide full tracking of your mobile traffic sent to us.
  • How to play mobile games?

    All players can easily play on their mobiles using the same casino account, provided their mobile or tablet has the following technical requirements:

    • iOS 7 or higher. Safari version 8 (at least).
    • Android 4.4.2 or higher. Chrome version 34 (at least)
    • Minimum Hardware: Dual Core 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM, 3G/WIFI internet connection
  • They can start playing by opening the browser on their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Type casino address (e.g. in the browser and the mobile version of the site will load.
  • If players are accessing your website using a mobile device and click on a link to one of our brands, the mobile version of the brand will automatically load.
  • New players can register directly from the mobile casino and start playing after successfully completing their registration.
  • Freeslot

    How can I earn money with Free Slots Land players?

    You may decide to direct your visitors to our free slot machine site (offering attractive real cash prizes in daily tournaments) and you can still earn commissions!

    How does it work? If your visitor clicks on any banner for Slotland or Win A Day Casino at after trying the free games and decides to play at either of these casinos for real money, he or she will automatically become your customer and you will get paid the usual commissions for his or her deposits.

    What about conversion?

    Please note that in most cases linking to Slotland, CryptoSlots or Win A Day Casino directly converts more visitors to paying customers, which means bigger commissions for you, our webmaster. However, if you like we recommend to promote ALL our websites. Doing so, you will not lose players who are at first only interested in free play. They may change their minds later!

    What our partners say:

    The remarkably 1998 establishment date of Slotland Affiliates speaks for itself, so we at SlotAtHome had no doubt about the expertise and trustworthiness of their team. It was a good decision to start work with them, our cooperation is flawless from the first days of our contact. We are more than happy to promote their superb casino brands and get a share in their success with great conditions.

    Slotland Affiliates is great to work with, their affiliate managers are very communicative and professional, always providing creative solutions. If you are looking for new brands to promote, Slotland Affiliates is a great place to start.

    We have been working with Slotland for close to 20 years ago and in all of these years we have never once had to complain about anything and never received any complaints from our players either. This 20 year track record speaks for itself and we can highly recommend promoting Slotland's brands if you are looking for honest, straight forward, USA friendly casinos.

    Slotland Affiliates provide us the very best deals without the trouble of account management. We warmly recommend their services to any affiliate looking to increase revenues and get exclusive offers! Mr-Gamble approves!

    Slotland Affiliates are a trusted platform and have solid US accepting brands. They have great customer support, attractive offers and we feel comfortable sending our players there. We look forward to a long-lasting successful partnership.

    Slotland Affiliates is such a refreshing surprise among the many affiliate programs that we deal with. We recently started working with them on and their Crypto Slots casino seems to have a great conversion for US players. Also, Jack from their support team was really helpful. We hope to continue working closely together.

    FREESLOTS99 has been working with Slotlands brands for almost a decade. We have had a great relationship with the companies due to the help of Jack, our affiliate manager. Slotland pays its affiliates the fastest out of any other program. On top of that, they have a great reputation among players. On top of that, they accept cryptocurrencies that give players and affiliates the industry's best options.

    We at Casinomentor are pleased to promote the brands of Slotland Entertainment to our players. With a huge selection of bonuses and its variety of games, it is easy to understand why gamblers are always so attracted to Slotland. We highly recommend Slotland Affiliates.